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Resources created and curated to support the growth of impact investing, for those new to the field and for experienced practitioners.

Issue Briefs

ImpactAssets Issue Briefs are offered as concise, thoughtful articles exploring topics of interest to impact investors, wealth advisors and others active in the field of impact investing. Briefs have been written in response to discussions between ImpactAssets staff and others in the field.

Issue Brief #14

Understanding Impact: The Current and Future State of Impact Investing Research An assessment of the current state of research on impact investing, with reference to the broad sustainable investment landscape that encompasses public and private, as well as domestic and global markets. Additionally, the Brief proposes a defined agenda for future research in both academic and professional practices.

By Jed Emerson, Chief Impact Strategist and Lindsay Smalling, Strategic Initiatives Officer 

Issue Brief #7 Adaptation

Increasing Impact and Enhancing Returns: Integrating Agribusiness Equities Impact Investors have filled an important niche, providing capital to entrepreneurs and projects that might not otherwise receive financing. Agribusiness is ripe for investment and impact investing provides essential financing that can make distinct and measurable impact on the lives of individuals in underserved communities as well as our planet.

Adapted by B.h. Jamison, Marketing Associate 

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Impact investments are investments made into organizations and funds that generate measurable social and environmental impact as well as financial returns.