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Resources created and curated to support the growth of impact investing, for those new to the field and for experienced practitioners.

Will Lana

“It’s been great to have a go-to resource that we feel really good and confident about recommending for the donor advised fund.”
The Challenge
Trillium Asset Management has been specializing in sustainable and responsible investing since 1982 and has a well-developed framework to help their clients think through portfolio choices. As the oldest independent investment advisor devoted exclusively to this practice, satisfying client demand for sustainable investment options is an ongoing challenge.  Many potential financial service partners do not offer an adequate range of choices for responsible investors. 
The Solution
Will Lana has been an advisor with Trillium for five years and finds The ImpactAssets Donor Advised Fund to be an ideal option for his clients looking for a philanthropic vehicle because it provides SRI and impact investing options for both small and large accounts.  Clients take comfort in knowing that their donor advised fund will be invested in alignment with their values even before they’ve recommended any grants.  And Will enjoys the personal service from a team that is knowledgeable about SRI and impact investing.
The Impact with ImpactAssets
Trillium and ImpactAssets share a commitment to building the field of sustainable investing and client education about the space is an important part of the work both organizations do.  Will uses the ImpactAssets Issue Briefs to introduce clients to impact investing and illustrate the type of social and environmental impacts that are possible.  Will really enjoys his work with clients because, as he says, “Being able to generate a return but also do it in a way that’s consistent with your personal mission is important. It’s actually not a tough sell; it’s just a matter of people being educated about it and financially in a position where it fits with them. People usually are excited by it.”

Ready for the next step?

Impact investments are investments made into organizations and funds that generate measurable social and environmental impact as well as financial returns.