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The ImpactAssets team brings several decades of experience in impact investing, innovative financial services, philanthropy and wealth management.

Jessica Rolph

Successful Entrepreneur, Philanthropic Investor and Child Development Champion

Jessica Rolph is an entrepreneur and category creator. She is the co-founder of HappyFamily Brands, a leading premium organic baby, toddler and kid’s food in the US that’s changing the trajectory of children’s health, and our planet, through organic nutrition. She’s also the co-founder and CEO of LovEvery, a company that off­ers play products that are designed by child development experts to help create simple developmental experiences in the lives of new babies and families.

Jessica’s passion about the importance of early life not only led to her own successful ventures, but set the stage for her philanthropic work. Jessica and her husband Decker opened an ImpactAssets Donor Advised Fund account to make philanthropic impact investments in the next wave of innovative ventures addressing childhood development. They recently recommended a Custom Direct Investment in Frontier Nutrition, a social enterprise that’s solving childhood malnutrition in Bangladesh with healthy snacks.

What inspired you to invest in Frontier Nutrition? 

Frontier Nutrition is a living definition of a "social enterprise" using a for-profit socially responsible business model to address systemic problems related to malnutrition. Eddie Bearnot, CEO and founder of Frontier Nutrition could have done anything with his career and life, and he decided he wanted to apply his talents and passion to saving children's lives. How could you not be inspired?

Why did you choose to make a philanthropic investment through The ImpactAssets Donor Advised Fund?

Decker and I are committed to investing philanthropic dollars to ground breaking socially innovative companies. We are so glad that ImpactAssets exists to make this possible!

How does this investment connect to your overall philanthropic and impact investing strategy? 

Our investing strategy includes supporting exceptionally innovative social ventures like Frontier Nutrition and other nonprofits and social enterprises working to solve climate change.