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Our Philosophy

We believe that all investments have social and environmental impact in addition to financial impact. All the investment options offered by The ImpactAssets Donor Advised Fund are chosen for the opportunity to provide positive social and environmental returns, as well as the potential of financial return to preserve and grow your philanthropic capital.

  • IDEAL FOR: Donors seeking the ease of a “turn-key” investment portfolio

    100% Impact Portfolios provide diversified access to world-class fund managers addressing social and environmental issues across asset classes.

  • IDEAL FOR: Donors seeking curated direct investments

    Directly invest into a rotating selection of professionally managed funds that enable you to support innovative mission-driven companies on the leading edge of impact investing.

  • IDEAL FOR: Donors seeking to build their own investment portfolio

    Self select from a wide range of mutual funds and exchange traded funds across asset classes and social and environmental themes.

  • IDEAL FOR: Donors seeking to be an “impact entrepreneur”

    Personalize your portfolio by sourcing and recommending direct investments into private mission-driven businesses, impact funds and nonprofit organizations.

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