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Meet Margret Trilli


  President & Chief Investment Officer
There are many milestones in the life of a growing organization, some big and some small but all memorable in their own right. Today, we felt fortunate to be able to tell you about a big new milestone for ImpactAssets; bringing on our new President & CIO.
This coincides with the promotion of ImpactAssets' co-founder Tim Freundlich to CEO. Tim and Margret, along with the senior team and board of ImpactAssets, will lead the expansion of the organization’s five-year strategy and focus on product and business development for the next phase of growth.
To introduce you to the woman at the helm of ImpactAssets' impact investing platform and strategic growth, we sat down with Margret to get her take on what joining ImpactAssets means to her.
ImpactAssets (IA): We’re so excited you’ve joined IA’s family. How did IA fit into your career when you were assessing the opportunity? In other words, why IA?
Margret: What Tim and the team have built is impressive and I’m really excited about what the future holds. IA is already so much more than a donor advised fund and I look forward to exploring the opportunities to grow the offering and impact beyond its current footprint. It was hard to imagine passing up an opportunity to be part of something with a mission to catalyze billions of dollars for the forces of good.
IA: You’ve worked with large asset managers, high net worth, and family offices in your roles planning strategy, operational leadership and investment management. What were you looking for in IA, or any other company, as indicators of what team you’d like to join?
Margret: Finding the right mix of culture, challenge and opportunity was very important and actually a pretty tall order. Exercising my abilities in strategy, change leadership and business building, while staying centered in impact investing was key. Culture is huge for me and so is working closely with smart and passionate people. IA met that tall order as well as a significant potential market opportunity. The stars aligned and I couldn’t be more excited and grateful.
IA: How would you describe yourself?
Margret: Thoughtful, catalytic, determined. Builder. Creative and strategic. A fearless champion of people and ideas. Grateful.
IA: What impact investing issues are you focused on?
Margret: First I must say on a personal level, it’s gratifying to go to work every day thinking about being part of the impact that our clients and community are working towards. They’re all worthy causes and I am grateful for everyone who's involved – it helps me sleep at night. Reversing climate change and innovation in our food systems are the two issues that I’ve been most active in. Many people think of these issues as environmental causes; however, I lean in for social reasons. It's the people with the least amount of resources, access and education that are hit the hardest by climate change and food shortages. Additionally, I strongly believe that the solution to climate and food supply problems lies at the intersection of private capital and market forces, where impact investing is most catalytic and needed. In other words, impact investing is the right tool for the job.
IA: Any final words?
Margret: I’m fortunate and proud to be part of the team here at IA, doing what we’re doing, helping who we’re helping and building the future together. And that includes our clients, grantees, fund managers and portfolio companies – our friends and family. I can’t wait to see what we can accomplish together!
For additional details on the news please see our official press release

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