Who We Are

The ImpactAssets team brings several decades of experience in impact investing, innovative financial services, philanthropy and wealth management.


ImpactAssets: Empowering Access to Impact Investing

In 2010, ImpactAssets was spun out of Calvert Impact Capital in recognition of the growing need to increase flows of capital to the world’s greatest challenges.

The ImpactAssets Donor Advised Fund was created "of, by and for impact investors" to provide a flexible solution for the innovative and creative impact investing that philanthropists were seeking.

To this end, our north star has always been to provide unparalleled access to investment into top entrepreneurs and fund managers best positioned to tackle these challenges.

Since its inception, ImpactAssets has become the leading facilitator of direct impact investing within donor advised funds. Our portfolio represents more than 568 impact investment positions and $1 billion in assets. And we connect donors to a rotating offering of private impact funds, as well as a broader asset platform, all fully aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goal framework.

We are also dedicated to field building through the ImpactAssets 50 database of private debt and equity fund managers, The ImpactAssets Handbook for Impact Investors and the ImpactAssets Issue Brief library.

Our success is testament to our highly engaged 1,000+ clients, strategic partners, board and staff. Impact is personal and we will continue to build out the ImpactAssets platform, expanding and collaborating to bring our community experience to life. We're proud of our progress, and recognize that we are at the tip of the iceberg in a dynamic and shifting world.

Please join us!

ImpactAssets is an independent 501(c)3 organization.


  • Adrian Kochan

    Officer, Partnerships, Stop the Spread

  • Alex Neckles

    Regional Director, Distribution

  • Amy J. Bennett

    Chief Marketing Officer

  • Angie Zine

    Investment Services Officer

  • Brett Jaffe

    Officer, Investments, Stop the Spread

  • Christian Peele

    Director, Operations, Stop the Spread

  • Dana Cotter

    Chief of Staff

  • Deb Parsons

    Senior Officer, Business Development

  • Emily Savage

    Team Lead, Stop the Spread

  • Eric Meissner

    Director, Custom Investments & Business Analytics

  • Erin O’Brien

    Senior Associate, Investments

  • Evan Coller

    Senior Associate, Marketing

  • Gabe DiClerico

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Harris Brown

    Officer, Partnerships and Investment, Stop the Spread

  • Jed Emerson

    Senior Fellow

  • John Quinn

    Investment Operations Associate

  • Judith Bartkowski

    Associate, Operations

  • Kelsey Dwyer

    Senior Associate, Custom Investments

  • Kevin Iraheta

    Senior Associate, Custom Investments

  • Kristopher Morrison

    Engagement Officer

  • Linda Benson

    Senior Strategic Marketing Manager

  • Linda Kim

    Officer, Operations

  • Malik Kadir

    Associate, Operations

  • Margret Trilli

    Chief Executive Officer & Chief Investment Officer

  • Nick Peters

    Officer, Investments

  • Patrick Drennen Karsu

    Associate, Accounting

  • Rebecca Gelb

    Implementation Officer

  • Rebecca Hull

    Implementation Officer

  • Sally Boulter

    Senior Engagement Officer

  • Sandra Osborne Kartt, CFA

    Director, Investments

  • Shauny Ullman

    Senior Associate, Investments and Client Strategy

  • Siobhan King

    Senior Product Manager

  • Stephanie Denzer

    Strategic Marketing Communications

  • Stephanie Wei, CFA

    Managing Director, Business Development and Client Engagement

  • Timothy Freundlich

    Founder and Executive Director, Strategic Development

  • Tracy Sherman

    Senior Marketing Content Manager



  • Gerhard Pries


  • Karl “Charly” Kleissner, Ph.D.


  • Kim Wright-Violich


  • Lauren Booker Allen


  • Liesbet Peeters


  • Liesel Pritzker Simmons


  • Ron Cordes


  • Wayne Silby