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The Program Circular contains a detailed description of the establishment, maintenance, features, fees, and the donor’s relationship to a Giving Fund account.

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Decide how you want to invest your Giving Fund account balance. You can select from a range of impact investment options to meet your investment and grantmaking time horizon, risk appetite and liquidity needs. Once selected, complete the Investment Allocations section of the Giving Fund application.

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Email or mail your completed application to ImpactAssets along with the initial contribution (minimum of $5,000). You’ll be eligible for an immediate tax deduction.

We accept:

  • cash
  • checks
  • wire transfers
  • cryptocurrency
  • securities
  • other illiquid assets

To donate securities, please mail the original Letter of Instruction for the transfer of mutual funds and securities to the firm holding the securities, and mail, fax or email a copy of the LOI to us.

You’ll receive confirmation including online account login details once your account is activated.

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Details & Forms

Account Opening: Documents and Forms

Benefits of the Giving Fund:
Fact Sheet

Before you open your account:
Giving Fund Program Circular
Investment Supplement
Account Minimums and Fees Schedule

Application materials:
Giving Fund Application
Giving Fund Corporate Application
Letter of Instruction for transfer of securities or mutual funds

Additional details:
Giving Fund Investment Policy Statement

Impact Investment Options

Account Minimums & Fees

Minimum Contribution Size

Initial Contribution - $5000

Additional Contributions - $250 for check contributions; $10 for credit card contributions (Please note: all credit card contributions incur a 3.5% processing fee)

Minimum Grant Size $250

International Grantmaking

Contact ImpactAssets for more information.

Annual Administrative Fees

First $100,000 – 1.00%

Next $400,000 – 0.75%

Next $500,000 – 0.50%

Next $9,000,000 – 0.25%

Over $10,000,000 – 0.125%

Private Debt & Equity Funds


Investment Fees

Investment fees vary depending on how your account is invested. For direct impact private debt and equity funds, the 0.40% fee reflects an administrative fee and may be also be subject to underlying fund manager fees. Minimum investment is $10,000.

For Custom Investments, donor sourced individual investment deals reflect a setup, management and exit fee structure. Donor sourced funds may be subject to the underlying fund manager fee structure, which will vary by fund. For mutual funds and exchange traded funds, the fees are in the form of operating expenses charged by the fund provider.

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Account Managing: Documents and Forms

Additional Contribution Form
Add a Donor or Professional Advisor
Create a Succession Plan

Log in to make the following changes to your Giving Fund account:
Grant Recommendation
Reallocate your Giving Fund Investments (before reallocating, please review our current Investment Options)

Advisor Resources

Professionally Managed Accounts

Donors with Giving Fund accounts of $500,000 or more can nominate their own independent investment advisor to manage the assets in their Giving Fund account. ImpactAssets qualifies the investment advisor and works with her/him to craft an investment policy statement that meets the social and financial goals of the donor, the advisor and ImpactAssets. The financial advisor manages the account, the donor recommends grants to nonprofits and ImpactAssets facilitates the distributions. ImpactAssets provides quarterly reports on granting activity, while the advisor provides all investment reporting.

Contact ImpactAssets to learn more about this customized opportunity for donor advised fund clients.

Supporting Organizations

A supporting organization is an IRS-designated philanthropic vehicle created under the umbrella of an existing public charity, such as ImpactAssets, the “supported organization.” Though connected to the public charity, a supporting organization is a separate charitable entity with its own tax-exempt status, charters, bylaws, and board of trustees. ImpactAssets offers Type I supporting organizations. Type I supporting organizations are operated, supervised, or controlled by the supported organization. You may open a supporting organization with a contribution of $10 million or more. Click here to learn more.

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