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Private Debt & Equity Direct Impact Funds

Available for a minimum investment of $25,000

For further information please contact Sally Boulter, Senior Engagement Officer at SBoulter@impactassets.org.

U.S. small business loans building healthy
and sustainable local living economies

U.S. organic farmland investments
protecting farmers, the food supply and our planet

Environmentally sustainable investments
in high-impact Latin American companies
Investment Type: Private Debt
Minimum: $25,000

Investment Type: Private Debt
Minimum: $25,000

Investment Type: Private Debt, Mezzanine 
and Quasi-Equity Fund
Minimum: $25,000

Financing for underserved entrepreneurs Small and Medium Enterprises
in Emerging Markets
Investment Type: Private Debt Fund
Minimum: $25,000

  Investment Type: Private Equity Fund of Funds
Minimum: $25,000



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These direct investment options are offered in addition to The Giving Fund portfolio allocation options. Please be sure to review The Giving Fund Investment Supplement and consult a financial advisor before making any investment decisions.


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