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How it Works

A donor advised fund (DAF) is a tax-preferred philanthropic vehicle that offers many of the advantages of a private foundation without the expensive set-up fees and time-intensive administration. You can establish a DAF with an initial tax-deductible contribution to a public charity like ImpactAssets.  Your donation is invested so it can grow tax-free, and whenever desired, you can recommend grants to organizations of your choosing.

Open a Giving Fund Account

You can begin to make your charitable dollars go farther with a tax-deductible contribution starting as low as $5,000.

Invest Principal to Multiply Impact

Choose from a range of investment options with social and environmental returns that complement your philanthropic goals.

Whether you allocate your funds according to a standard or balanced portfolio, or customize them to match preferred causes or risk profiles, there is no shortage of ways to do good, while doing well. The Giving Fund offers a range of investment options like community investments, microfinance and socially responsible mutual funds that support causes like alternative energy, health and the environment enabling you to tailor your investment portfolio to your philanthropic goals.

Designate Grants

You may give, pending due diligence and approval by ImpactAssets, to 501c3 charities, non-501c3 charities globally or design a custom philanthropic program to advance your charitable goals.

Manage Your Account

You can manage your account easily and securely online, allocate grants both domestically and internationally, donate non-traditional assets such as real estate, and even convert an existing private foundation into a Giving Fund.

How the Giving Fund Multiplies Impact


Giving Fund How it Works Infographic