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ImpactAssets is a nonprofit financial services firm that increases the flow of capital into investments that deliver financial, social and environmental returns.

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Supporting Small Farmers Key To Feeding The World, Conserving Water

FA Magazine, Fran Seegull

ImpactAssets has identified global sustainable agriculture as an area of both tremendous need and opportunity for advisors and clients interested in impact investing.

Impact Investing No Longer Reserved for Country Club Crowd

Fran Seegull interviews with TheStreet

Fran Seegull discusses the democratization of impact investing that is allowing investors of all stripes to participate. 

Learn more about the effects of the $40T Millennial wealth transfer, the growing number of impact investing opportunities and more.

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Global Sustainable Agriculture Investing

Helping Farmers, Helping The Earth

The need for smallholder investment is estimated to be $450B, yet formal debt financing currently only meets 3% of need. With the right support, smallholders can drive agricultural transformation in a way that meets population growth needs and promotes sustainable land use.

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“ImpactAssets is uniquely positioned to help build the infrastructure of impact investing and the field as a whole. In contributing to that work, I feel that my personal values and professional expertise are strongly aligned which is so important to me”

-Fran Seegull, Chief Investment Officer and Managing Director